Kilee (xmidnightdawnx) wrote in dudebrorun,

Hola Dude Bros!

Long time no see!

Just thought that I let all the Florida Due Bros know that Steve and Tango from Ghost Hunters will be at Halloween Horror Night Saturday October 7th, 2010. They will also be singing autographs from 7:00PM to 9:30PM!

I might be going but nothing is set in stone yet. If any of you do go make sure you post pictures. :D

And also, Jason announced on his Twitter where the live Halloween event will be!

OK, I'm breaking my silence. The live Halloween show is Halloween night 7pm till 1am this year at Bufallo central terminal. Spread the word.

Make sure you tune in! I'm really excited .^^

Also I'll be back at _Extreme soon along with Dude Bros
Tags: ghost hunters
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